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An L2 otoscope does not have anything sticking out an L3 otoscope has the Spec-Ejec button that sticks out:

L2 ophthalmoscope does not have anything sticking out from the side, L3 ophthalmoscope head does:

Fiber optic lighting has the “angel eye” of light at the end of the nose of the instrument and the inside has an unimpeded, free view. Direct illumination has a removable specula socket and a bulb that you can see on the inside.

You must remove the speculum socket by turning it to the left with your thumb and index finger until it stops. Pull the speculum socket forward to remove it. Unscrew the bulb counterclockwise. Screw the new bulb in clockwise and reattach the speculum socket all the way.

To replace the bulb in your L2/L3/EliteVue/e-scope pocket otoscopes or ophthalmoscopes, you must unscrew the instrument head from the handle. The bulb is located in the lower part of the instrument head. Pull the bulb out of the instrument head using your thumb and index finger or a suitable tool. Firmly insert the new bulb in its place.

Once you remove the bulb in your otoscope or ophthalmoscope, you will be able to look at the side of the bulb and the item number on there is the item number you will order.

PLEASE NOTE: If your bulb says “10608” on the side, you will need to order Medline’s MDS106081.

Instrument heads and handles can be cleaned externally with a moist cloth until visually clean. Wipe-disinfection as specified by the disinfectant manufacturer. Only disinfectants with proven efficacy should be used, taking into account the national requirement.

After disinfection, wipe the instrument down with a moist cloth to remove possible disinfectant residues.

Never immerse the instrument heads and handles in liquids! Take care to ensure that no liquids get into the casing. These items are not approved for automated reprocessing and sterilization. These procedures cause irreparable damage.

To activate the instrument, turn the ring at the top of the handle in the clockwise direction. To dim the light coming from the instrument, turn the ring at the top of the handle in the counterclockwise direction. If you keep turning the ring in the counterclockwise direction, the handle will turn off. There is also a safety shut off after 3 minutes. The handle is off when there is not green diode illumination between the “+/-“symbols on the handle.

Riester handles all come with patented rheotronic® technology, which means there is 100% light output for the entire life of the bulb with continuously variable light adjustment and a safety-shut down after 3 minutes.

2 year warranty on otoscopes/ophthalmoscopes

3 year warranty on wall diagnostic stations INCLUDING bulbs

5 year warranty on R1 shockproof sphygmomanometers and sphygmomanometers sets

  • We warrant that our products are delivered free of manufacturing and material defects. Any warranty claims must be made within 2 years from delivery of our products.
  • Claims based on product defects will not be considered in the event of failure to follow our operating or maintenance instructions, modifications to the products, replacement of parts or use of consumables that do not meet the original specification, unless the customer can disprove a properly substantiated assertion that it was such a circumstance that caused the defect.
  • The customer must notify us in writing of any defects without delay and within one week of receipt of the delivery item at the latest. Defects not discovered within that time even after careful inspection shall be notified to us in writing without delay upon being discovered.
  • Upon receipt of notification from the customer of a product defect, we may at our option and at our expense demand that: the defective part or appliance be sent back for repair and subsequent
  • return to the customer; the customer holds the defective part or appliance in readiness and our service engineers are sent to the customer´s premises to carry out repairs; or we may propose another repair solution.
  • If repair is unsuccessful after an appropriate time, the customer can at its option demand a reduction in the price or cancellation of the contract.
  • Liability for normal wear and tear is excluded.
  • Only the direct customer is entitled to make warranty claims against us.
  • Such claims are not transferable.
  • RMA form must be completed and submitted by distributor with full contact information of end user.
  • Authorized RMA number issued.
  • Customer will be contacted to trouble shoot any issues before item is retuned.
  • If no solution is found, return shipment label is issued and emailed.
  • When possible a loaner unit will be sent with return shipment label.
  • Once product is received, item will be evaluated, repaired or replaced and resent to end user within 3 business days.
  • All returned shipments must contain the authorized return number and be packaged using proper protective materials to avoid damage in shipping.
  • Items not returned within 90 days of the issued RMA number will need to submit a new form.
  • For damaged items or incorrect shipments, please contact RIESTER USA within 24 hours to report the damaged item or improper shipment so we can issue a replacement as soon as possible. If your package is visibly damaged note the damage on the receiving document prior to signing; refuse the shipment as “damaged” or report damage to carrier within 48 hours.
  • Riester Ri-former® configurations with LED Otoscope and LED Ophthalmoscope combinations have a standard 3-Year Limited Warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
  • Riester Shockproof® products have a standard 5-Year Limited Warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Riester products are made in Germany. Riester uses the latest manufacturing technology paired with uncompromisingly high in-house quality standards. They have over 60 years of experience in developing diagnostics instruments combined with the innovation power of a global player. In addition to the manufacturing plant in Germany, Riester has a sales and service point office located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

If you are having issues or need help with your product, please call Medline’s Diagnostic Product Support team at 800-289-9793.

Info coming soon…

If you are looking to demo one of our wall diagnostic systems, please reach out to our Product Support Team at productsupportdiagnostics@medline.com. They will be able to send you the forms and information needed.

Lithium Ion Lithium Alkaline NiCad
  • 50 hours operational lifecycle of LED with fully charged Li-Ion battery.
  • Rechargeable battery lifetime: up to 1,200 charging cycles

As you move from best to worst above, you are also moving from the whitest light (LED) to a yellow light (halogen). Additionally, as you move down the list, in addition to becoming more yellow, you also decrease bulb life expectancy, color temperature (high to low), lux (brightness), and overall efficiency. (Color temperature = light color, measured in Kelvin). LED lights are more expensive, but over time you will have to buy fewer LED lights, which should allow you to save money.

LED Illumination Xenon Illumination Halogen Illumination
  • Color temperature 5,500 K, 100,000 lux, CRI › 90
  • Excellent color rendering close to natural daylight conditions for more efficient diagnosis
  • Maintenance-free high-performance LED technology means low running cost
  • LED’s aligned with optical systems in instrument heads – homogenous light distribution across the field of view without reflections or shadows
  • Designed for optimal heat dissipation – longer lifetime and brilliant illumination over the entire lifespan of the LED (100,000 hours)
  • High energy efficiency – 3x longer operation time than with conventional xenon illumination.
  • Color temperature 3,200 K
  • Xenon lifespan is between 20,000 – 30,000 hours
  • Color temperature 3,000 K
  • Halogen lifespan is about 2,000 hours

To turn your otoscope into a throat illuminator, simply remove the specula. All Riester/Medline otoscopes come standard with the “Angel Eye” fiber optic ring to make throat illumination easy.